There are many codes and abbreviations used by the genealogists and the netters.  The table below will help to understand them more easily.  Remember this table is biased by a Quebec point of view and that there are thousands of abbreviations not included.

Column 1: Code, abbreviation, symbol
Column 2: Original language (fr for French, fr (qc) if in use in Quebec and surrounding area, en for English)
Column 3: Context (src for a source, int for Internet, gen for a genealogy, reg for a record content)
Column 4: Meaning in French
Column 5: Meaning in English

See also : fichier.origine/references.php (abbreviations in this page won't be repeated)
Code Lang. Cont. French English
[] fr gen Inhumé Buried
° fr gen Born
† (+) fr gen Décédé Dead
10bre fr reg Décembre December
7bre fr reg Septembre September
8bre fr reg Octobre (octo veut dire huit en latin) October
9bre fr reg Novembre November
a fr/en src Archives Archives
a fr src Annotation marginale Marginal annotation (catholic record, after 1910)
AC fr src Archives des colonies (France) Colonies Archives (France)
AC fr src Archives communales en France (ville, village) Town archives in France
AD fr src Archives départementales en France Departemental Archives in France (region)
AD17 fr src AD, département no 17 AD, departement no. 17
ADCM fr src AD, Charente-Maritime AD, Charente-Maritime (this is an example, all departements have those codes)
aft en gen Après After
AN fr src Archives nationales (France) National Archives, France
ANC fr src Archives nationales du Canada (were APC) National Archives of Canada (was PAC, now NAC)
ANQ fr src Archives nationales du Québec National Archives of Quebec (not related to NAC)
ANQM fr src Archives nationales du Québec à Montréal National Archives of Quebec in Montreal (there are other codes for other centers)
ap fr gen Après After
APC fr src Archives publiques du Canada (now ANC) Public Archives of Canada (now NAC)
Aug. fr gen Auguste, Augustin August, Augustine
av fr gen Avant Before
b fr (qc) gen Baptisé Baptized (mostly used in Quebec)
b en gen Born
bef en gen Avant Before
bet en gen Entre (two dates) Between (two dates)
bp en gen Baptisé Baptized
bur en gen Sépulture Buried
ca   gen Vers, circa Circa, about
Cath. fr gen Catherine Catherine
cgi en int Software generating a Web page in reel time (i.e. a request for a search tool in the Web)
Ch. fr gen Charles ou Charlotte Charles or Charlotte
Chs fr gen Charles Charles
d fr/en gen Décédé Died
dit fr gen Separator between a family name and an additional surname (like Jarret dit Beauregard). Explanation.
DNCF fr src Dictionnaire national des Canadiens-français
Drouin fr src See this link Drouin
FAQ en/fr int Frequently Asked Questions
fo2 en int Follow up (where a message will be forwarded if someone replies)
frg fr int Forum fr.rec.genealogie Newsgroup fr.rec.genealogie
Frs fr gen François Francis
Frse fr gen Françoise (no direct translation)
ftp en int In a Web page, a link to a file (ftp = file transfer protocol)
GAAQ fr src Le grand arrangement des Acadiens au Québec
Gen. fr/en src Généalogique Genealogical
HGA fr src Histoire et généalogie des Acadiens
Hist. fr/en src Historique Historical
htm, html en int Format of a document readable in the WWW (htm for DOS, html otherwise)
http en int In a Web page, a link to another Web page (http = hyper text transfer protocol)
ICQ en int "I seek you", a system for chatting
IRC en int Internet Relay Chat, a system for chatting
Ja. fr gen Jacques James
Jetté fr src See this link DGFQ
Jn fr gen Jean John
Jne fr gen Jeanne Jane
Jos. fr gen Joseph or Josephte/Josette/Josèphe Joseph or Josephte/Josette/Josepha
lol en int Lot of laughing
Lse fr gen Louise Lois
m fr (qc) gen Marié (Quebec) Married
m fr gen Mort (rare) Dead (rare)
M. fr gen Marie Marie (French for Mary)
Mad., Magd. fr gen Madeleine Magdalein
Marg. fr gen Marguerite Marguerite
n fr (qc) gen Born
ng en int Forum (newsgroup) Newsgroup
o fr gen Born
Pi. fr gen Pierre Peter
s fr (qc) gen Sépulture Buried
sgf en int Forum soc.genealogy.french Newsgroup soc.genealogy.french
Soc. fr (qc) src Société (de généalogie), cercle, association (Genealogical) Society
Suz. fr gen Suzanne Susanne
Tanguay fr src See this link Tanguay
Th. fr gen Thomas ou Thérèse Thomas or Theresa
v fr gen Vers Circa, about
www, web en int Worldwide Web
x fr gen Marié (France) Married

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