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Origin of the name

Beauregard = Beau + regard, litterally Beautiful look.

There are about 150 places called Beauregard in France. The Beauregard name is usually given by the local geography. It designates a promontory allowing to have a beautiful look over the surroundings. It is thus not surprising to find many Beauregard Castles, for example, and many gave their name to wines.

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Mailing List about Beauregard families

Because I have limited time to reply questions about Beauregard, Jarret, etc., I created a mailing list on the topics of Beauregard families.  Thus, the easiest mean to get an information about a Beauregard or to exchange data is to use this list.

To subscribe or leave the list, send a message containing only one word to this address:

Your return address must be set up correctly.  Once subscribed, you can write to: