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An Acadian Genealogy can be built quite fast because there are many dictionaries covering all Acadians. But, since about one third or half of records were lost, there are many holes and hypothesis. One result is there are many discrepencies between authors.
This page is a list of sources for data. Some resources are explained with more details, so click on the link for more. Other are short summaries in the table below.

Kinds of documents include:
bms all kind of vital records
m marriage records only
rec census
fam families
not notary records

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Table of sources available (sorted by year, * = limits are approximate)
Type of document
Document (click for details when there is a link)
When published
fam HGA (Arsenault) 1966
fam Jehn, Janet, Corrections & Additions to Arseneault's Histoire et Gen. des Acadiens. This work is a series of corrections. In Montréal, it is available at the Salle Gagnon and the Salle Canadienne of the Verdun Library.   
m GAAQ (Bergeron, Le grand arrangement des Acadiens au Québec)  
fam Dictionnaire généalogique de l'ancienne Acadie Not yet completed, but available on the Web. Purpose is to document every piece of information so that a reader can see when a link is proven, probable or very likely, or a guess. Planning (July 1996): letters A-F completed at 75% to 1730, letters G-Z to be done in 1996-1997. Years 1731-1758 do be done in 1997-1998. By Denis Beauregard  
fam DGFA (White) 1999
bms Microfilms from Mormons or LDS. See also the collections of National Archives of Canada (NAC, previously Public Archives of Canada) and of Archives Nationales of France.  Be careful because microfilms at NAC are often based on handwritten copies.  
bms Drouin Microfilms  --
not Parchemin 1990?
rec Old Censuses (see below) --
bms Printed Records (see below)
  Inventaire général des sources documentaires sur les Acadiens, by le Centre d'études acadiennes de l'université de Moncton, at Éditions d'Acadie
  Report of Archives of Canada  1905
Old Censuses --
Acadian Census 1671-1752, Charles C. Trahan 1671 86 93 95 98 1700 01 03 07 14 32 52
(Newfoundland) Recensements de Terre-Neuve, see : MSGCF 10 nos 3-4, p. 179-188, 11 p. 69-85, 13 p. 204-208 et 244-255 1687 (totals), 1691, 1693, 1694, 1704 (family heads)
(Placentia, Newfoundland) Recensements de Plaisance, Terre-Neuve, see : MSGCF, volume 10, nb. 3-4, p. 179-188, 11 p. 69-85, 13 p. 204-208 and 244-255 1671, 1673, 1698 (family heads and biography), 1701 (inhabitants and fishers), 1706 (family heads), 1710 (officers), 1711
bms Printed records  
bms Acadian Church Records, Vol. 1: Beaubassin, Jemsek, Winston DeVille 1679-1686
bms Acadian Church Records, Vol. 2: Beaubassin, Milton P. Rieder & Norma Gaudet-Rieder 1712-1748
bms Acadian Church Records, Vol. 3: Port-Royal, Milton P. Rieder & Norma Gaudet-Rieder 1702-1721
bms Acadian Church Records, Vol. 4: Port-Royal, Milton P. Rieder & Norma Gaudet-Rieder 1716-1729
bms Acadian Church Records, Vol. 5: Port-Royal, Milton P. Rieder & Norma Gaudet-Rieder 1730-1740
bms, rec Acadians in Exile, Donald J. Hébert (some Acadian, France and Antillas records)  
m Histor (New Jette)  
m Drouin Files  

Among the many works to be found on the Acadians are :

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